Let’s talk about Moonbet ecosystem.

Not only is it a blockchain-based and fully autonomous iGaming platform, Moonbet’s vision goes far beyond offering online gambling and eSports access anywhere in the world with full transparency and guarantee for players. The construction of our platform consists of the development of an entire ecosystem. What do we mean when we talk about something as complex as “an ecosystem”?

By definition, an ecosystem is a complex system of interaction where different elements converge and interact with each other to ensure its balance and growth. However, all those elements, or small organisms, are completely independent and autonomous from each other.

This elementary definition explains the purpose of Moonbet, and how we have been responsible for developing each element that makes up our platform to the greatest detail. It is not only about creating a complex system, but a solid system that is able to evolve.

There are many elements that define the characteristics of our ecosystem and its great potential for growth, but only by mentioning them in detail, it is logical that when we refer to the Moonbet ecosystem, we are talking about something much more serious than a simple pretense.

Why is Moonbet an iGaming ecosystem?

Not only in the world of online gambling, but in many blockchain platforms, there are projects that call themselves ecosystems. Let’s start by being clear that an ecosystem is much more than the desire to be one.

Thousands of projects around the world have great value and, in many cases, are even precursors of activities such as what we developed in Moonbet. However, the characteristics by which a project can be considered a system are very specific.

The main factor that makes Moonbet a complex system guaranteeing balance is the democratization of its access. We started by breaking the stereotype that casinos are exclusive to wealthy people, and we made it available to all users, with only one common feature: owning the MBET token or playing on our platforms.

Decentralization is the element that makes everything possible. Not only in terms of rewards, but the complete development of games and the growth of our data. The bigger Moonbet is, the more robust our system is.

The blockchain technology endows a unique quality in the gambling world, which is immutability, a precedent that allows the community to fully trust in a clean and transparent development for every game they are playing. Probably Fair Gaming is a unique mechanism that guarantees transparency and the impossibility to manipulate any kind of data.

Decentralization, immutability, and transparency are the foundational stones that allow Moonbet to develop as an ecosystem, however there is a fundamental correlation that allows Moonbet to be a project of enormous traction: It is the relationship between the MBET holders, and the Moonbet players.

MBET holders.

From the moment an investor acquires the MBET token, he/she begins to receive the benefits that guarantee being part of the Moonbet community, the most important of which is that the investor immediately acquires the right to 50% of the house’s profits from betting with MBET.

The holders also have the right to be part of the community which determines the future and evolution of Moonbet.

Moonbet players.



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