Moonbet Adds Web3 Poker to Crypto Casino Platform
2 min readDec 26, 2022

Moonbet is happy to announce that our players can now enjoy PVP web3 poker directly in our casino, allowing them to play a wide range of poker games with people from around the world!

Stemming from a partnership with Connective Games, a Malta-based iGaming studio, web3 poker went live at Moonbet on December 22.

The unique solution delivers 100s of peer-versus-peer poker tables, with everything from cash tables to sit-n-go tournaments playable.

Our Web3 Poker Solution Offers 100s of Tables

Our web3 poker room is an incredible new addition because players can now enjoy their favourite poker games by simply connecting with their crypto wallet.

The full-scale poker platform features everything you see on traditional poker platforms, with the benefit of not having to provide personal information!

Web3 poker players at Moonbet can enjoy the following:

◉ Web3 Texas Hold’em

◉ Web3 Omaha

◉ Web3 No Limit & Pot Limit Poker

◉ Cash Games

◉ Poker Tournaments up to 10,000 Players

◉ Free Poker Bonuses and Player Incentives

What is Web3 Poker?

Web3 poker is a new and exciting way to play the classic card game online using blockchain technology. With web3 poker, players can enjoy the same gameplay as traditional online poker, but with the added security and transparency of decentralized networks.

One of the main benefits of web3 poker is that it allows players to have complete control over their own funds. Since the game is powered by smart contracts on the blockchain, players can deposit and withdraw their funds directly, without the need for a central authority or third-party intermediary.

This means that players can be sure that their funds are safe and secure, and that the game is fair and transparent.

Another advantage of web3 poker is that it allows for faster and more efficient gameplay. Traditional online poker platforms can be slow and prone to downtime, which can be frustrating for players.

With web3 poker, the decentralized nature of the blockchain means that the platform is always available and transactions are processed almost instantly. This allows for a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

Web3 poker is still in its early stages, but it is already gaining popularity among players and developers alike. With the added security and efficiency of blockchain technology, it is likely that web3 poker will become a major player in the online gaming industry in the coming years.

Play Web3 Poker at Moonbet Today

If you’re interested in trying out web3 poker, then you can give it a try at Our innovative poker solution means that you can face off with poker players from around the globe!