Moonbet Monday Recap for February 21 — Crypto Betting Bonus, Community Marketing, Logo Contest

Hello Moonbettors,

Here is the recap of #MoonbetMonday on February 21, with lots of great news about the project as always!

Crypto Betting Bonus Boosting Deposits

This week at Moonbet we have launched our largest 100% Crypto Welcome Deposit Bonus ever!

Offering new players 100% of their first deposit up to 1 BNB (~$400 USD at the time), we saw the promotion bring in more players from around the world.

The best part? The promotion saw our average First-Time-Deposit (FTD) rise from approximately $40 to over $120. That 300% increase in FTD means that the bonus is doing exactly what we intended — to bring more players and more money into our crypto sportsbook and casino!

We are currently monitoring the performance of the crypto betting bonus to see how it affects our bottom line, but from all of our initial research we have developed the right terms to lead us to profitability.

And remember…you can go into your account at any time to retrieve your Affiliate link to share the promotion across the web.

Community Marketing with Blue Manakin

As mentioned on last week’s Moonbet Monday, we have began working with the incredible team at

Known for their marketing creativity in the world of both crypto and NFTs, we have added their members of their team to assist us with community-oriented marketing.

That means that we will be focusing much more on Telegram, social media, popular crypto forums such as Bitcointalk, and any other avenues that will drive organic traffic to our platform.

Plus, we are developing a variety of reward-driven community marketing initiatives that will allow our Moonbet holders to increase your bags while raising brand awareness.

Stay tuned for all the updates around the community marketing because you won’t want to miss your chance to stack MBET tokens.

Rebranding and Logo Contest

Aside from community management, the brilliant minds at The Blue Manakin will be assisting us with a dynamic rebrand of Moonbet.

This rebrand is based on their extensive market research into the best crypto sportsbooks and casinos today, customer behaviour traits, and just their past experiences in the world of crypto.

This exciting rebrand will not only apply to the Sportsbook & Casino, but also to the other facets of our project. With a modern, cohesive look that extends across the social channels and into our betting platform, we are gearing up for a major marketing push.

New Logo Contest

As part of the Moonbet rebrand, we will be launching a contest for the Moonbet community to select our new logo.

Our design partners have provided us with over 20 new looks, but we have narrowed it down to our top 4 choices.

Now, as owners of the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino, it’s up to you to help us decide!

Announcements about the new logo contest will be made this week on Telegram and Twitter, so keep checking the socials to learn more.

Sportsbook & Casino Improvements

As always, we are adding new features to our crypto sportsbook and casino on a weekly basis.

Here are some of the new additions that will be coming up in the crypto betting platform this week:

Allow Bets in USD

Our biggest upgrade will be that players can make every single bet in USD! This is extremely important for the player experience because they can see exactly how much they are betting on each event in a USD amount rather than in crypto.

Players are sure to bet more often with this update as they do not need to think twice about the conversion or value of their bets!

Live Sportsbook Link

Another way of improving player experience, it will not be much easier for players to find live matches in the sport they are looking to bet on.

This update includes a link from each one of the individual crypto sports betting pages to the live bets available for any ongoing event. Once again, removing a step from landing on the page to placing a live bet will increase player revenue!

Separating eSports from Sportsbook

As not everybody that is looking to bet on eSports with crypto are a fan of traditional sports, we are creating a separation between the two on our platform.

Rather than players looking for eSports being directed to the sportsbook, there will be an /esports/ URL which will not only improve the player journey, but also help with SEO!

Keep Liking, Sharing & Growing Moonbet

As always, we want to say thank you to the Moonbet community!

Everything that you do to help us gain attention to the Moonbet brand is a driving force in taking this project to the next level.

So, please remember to keep liking, sharing, retweeting, posting, shilling, and doing anything else that you can to help us get as many eyes on this project as possible.



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